Cointrader Documentation Status Updates

Cointraider development has stopped! If you are interested in continuing the development please write me an email.

Cointrader is a CLI trading application for crypto currencies on the Poloniex exchange written in the Python programming language. Cointrader can be used for semiautomatic guided trading.

It is released under the MIT License and Copyright 2017 by Torsten Irländer. The license text ist distributed in full text in the LICENSE file that should have come with your installation or git clone.


You could loose money. Use cointrader at your own risk! I do not accept any responsibility for any losses.

Cointrader is Alpha quality! It is not meant to be used for serious trading yet. It is still in an early development phase and has a bunch full of known defects. Expect all aspects of the application to change in the future. Cointrader is not roundly tested.

If you want to help cointrader to become the best Free Software trading bot your contribution is highly appreciated! Find details on how to participate in the documentation.

If you like the program, I am looking forward to a donation :)

  • DASH: XypsuUMRTioV7bHSVzSDkNgihtr1gfiqAr
  • BTC : 1L5xtVirGVpDL7958SPaHb6p9dHZoaQ2Cz


  • Automatic trading. Cointrader will buy and sell following emitted trading signals.
  • Semiautomatic trading. Cointrader just emits trading signals. You finally decide if you want to follow the signals.
  • Paper trading. Just simlate trading. Do not actually place real orders.
  • Trade logbook
  • Profit/Loss analysis (Bot vs. Market)
  • Backtesting. Check how good your strategy performs on historic charts.
  • Explore exchanges and find interesting markets to trade on.
  • Show your balances.


  • Implement a working trading strategy!
  • Support more exchanges
  • Pluggable external trading strategies
  • Risk- and Money management, Stop loss limits, Take profit limits


This program exists because I want to learn more about automatic trading based on a technical analysis of charts. I am no expert on trading or crypto currencies! I am a professional Python programmer who stuck his nose into the crypto coin and trading world in 2017 and who was directly fascinated on this topic. After reading some books on technical analysis I decided to write this program to learn more about how automatic trading works.


This package was created with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.