The cointrader application is CLI application and provides some basic commands which are hopefully useful for your daily trading activity.

To get general help to the application please use the help flag:

cointrader --help


You can start trading by using the following command. Cointrader expects a valid currency pair as argument and the start amount of BTC to the start command. Please not that the naming of the currency pair is depended on the configured exchange.:

cointrader start BTC_DASH

Cointrader will try to load a previously created bot for the given market from the database and build the current state of the bot from the trade log. If no bot can be loaded a new bot will be created.

You can restrict the amount of coins and BTC the bot will use on trading by setting the –btc or –coins parameter. This will set the the initial amount of BTC and coins the bot will use for trading. Tip: You can use the Exchange to calculate the amount of BTC from given dollar.


On default cointrader will use use the complete available amount of BTC and coins for trading for the new bot! Make sure you restrict the amount of coins and BTC the bot will use for trading!

With no further options cointrader will work on a chart with a resolution of 30min. The resolution can be changed by using the –resolution option.

You can set a timeframe to define the trading time of cointrader. A start and end of the timeframe can be set by using the –start and –end option which takes a datetime argument in the format “YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS”. On default cointrader will start to trade immediately and will trade until you stop cointrader.

Cointrader use different trading strategies. You can choose which strategy to use by setting the –strategy option. On default cointrader will use a very defensive “Wait-Strategy” which will only emit “Wait” signals. So no buys or sells a replaced.


Cointrader currently has no working trading strategy. It is the current objectiv of the defvelopment to come up with a working profitable strategy.

Trading can be done in backtest mode. To start trading in backtest mode set the –backtest flag. See Backtesting for more details.

Paper Trade

A paper trade is a simulated trade. Cointrader can simlate buying and selling coins without actual involiving real money. This is great to test you trading strategy without any risk. To start cointrader in paper trade mode you must set the –papertrade flag.

Interactive trading

Without any further arguments cointrader will start an interactive trading session. Cointrader will emit trading signals (BUY, WAIT, SELL) and waits for your decision what to do.

Automatic trading

If you want to start your trading session in a automatic session you can set the –automatic flag. Cointrader will then automatically take action on the emitted trading signals. In automatic mode the resolution will determine between two trading actions.


Cointrader can show your current balance at the configured exchange by invoking the balance command:

contrader balance

This will give you an output like this:

CUR          total    btc_value
DASH:  14.34446293   0.34583237
BTC :   0.04910656   0.04910656
TOTAL BTC:           0.39493893
TOTAL USD:        465.392085719


Cointrader can explore the different markets on the given exchange and will result the most interesting markets to trade on for the last 24H:

contrader explore

On default cointrader will look for the top three volume and profit markets and only lists those markets which are in the top three in both categories. The command will give you an output like this:

BTC_DASH     4.47%     2190.7
BTC_ETH      3.21%     5138.0

If the command gives no output means that there are no markets in the top three which met bot criteria. In this situation you can either use the –top attribute to increase the amount of markets which are considered as interesting.

Alternatively you can use the –order-by-volume and –order-by-profit flag to only look on profit or volume markets.


Exchange is a simple helper command to calculate how many BTC you get for a certain amount of USD:

cointrader change 50                                                                                                     2.Mär.17 23.09
-> 50.0$ ~ 0.03999086BTC # 2017-03-02